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tel. 613.742.7429
e-mail : shaz@shaz.ca
Creative Cuisine, Exquisite Presentation & Extraordinary Service

Please remember that these are just a sample of our menus. We will be pleased to offer you suggestions and custom made menus to make your special occasion more unique and memorable.



LS01 - Sandwich & Soup
Sandwiches on a selection of Sliced Gourmet Breads
(1½ pieces per person)
Homemade Soup of the day
Assortment of Dessert Squares & Cookies
$ 7.50

LS02 - Sandwich & Salad
Sandwiches on a selection of Sliced Gourmet Breads
(1½ pieces per person)
Choice of Two Homemade Salads
Assortment of Dessert Squares & Cookies
$ 8.50

LS03 - Sandwich Plus
Assortment of Sandwiches on Buns & Wraps
(1½ pieces per person)
Sliced Domestic Cheese
Sliced Fresh Fruits
Vegetable Crudités with dips
A Selection of Dessert Squares & Cookies
$ 10.75

LS04 - Sandwich Buffet
Sandwiches on Kaiser, Baguettes & Tortilla Wraps
Choice of Two Homemade Salads
Sliced Domestic Cheese
Freshly Sliced Fruits & Berries
Assorted Cake Wedges
$ 12.00

LS05 - Californian Wrap Buffet
Soft Tortilla Pinwheel Wraps
Choice of Two Fresh Homemade Salads
Freshly Sliced Seasonal Fruits
Hummus Served with Herbed Pita Chips
Double Chocolate Dessert
$ 13.00

LS06 - Open Face Sandwiches
Roasted Alberta Beef, Canadian Smoked Salmon,
Sliced Marinated Oriental Chicken,
Sliced Eggs and Tomato - Cucumbers
All Tastefully Garnished and Presented
On Mini Buns & Baguettes
Freshly Cut Vegetable Crudités with Dips
Imported & Domestic Cheeses & Grapes
Melba Toast and Selection of Crackers
Hummus Served with Herbed Pita Chips
Freshly Sliced Seasonal Fruits
A Selection of French Pastries
$ 17.00


LS07 - Silver Buffet
Assortment of Cold Cuts & Charcuteries
Tuna Salad, Egg Salad and Poultry Salad
Tricolor Pasta Salad with Sun-dried Tomatoes
Mixed Marinated Vegetables Salad
Baby Greens Salad with Balsamic Vinaigrette
Sliced Domestic Cheese & Pâtés
Freshly Sliced Seasonal Fruits
Variety of Rolls & Butter, Melba Toast & Crackers
Dessert Squares and cake Wedges
$ 15.00

LS08 - Gold Buffet
Sliced Roasted Alberta Beef
Maple Glazed Country Style Ham
Sliced Oriental Chicken Breast
Atlantic Salmon Medallions
Devilled Eggs
Imported & Domestic Cheeses
Freshly Sliced Seasonal Fruits
Baby Greens Salad with Raspberry Vinaigrette
Choice of Three Salads
Crackers, Rolls & Butter
Assortment of Traditional French Pastries
$ 19.00

LS09 - Grilled Chicken Breast Caesar
Cold Grilled Breast of Chicken
On a bed of Traditional Caesar Salad
Dinner Rolls & Butter
Carrot and Raisin Cake
$ 12.00

LS10 - Baby Shrimp Caesar
Delicate Baby Shrimp
Over a Traditional Caesar Salad
Dinner Rolls & Butter
Carrot and Raisin Cake
$ 11.00

LS11 - Cold Salmon Plate
Cold Poached Atlantic Salmon Filet
On a bed of Diced Tomatoes with Coriander
Tricolor Pasta Salad
Marinated Mix Vegetables Salad
Rolls & Butter
Lemon Cream Cheese Mousse Pie
$ 14.00

LS12 - Cold Chicken Breast Plate
Marinated Grilled Oriental Chicken Breast
Red Potato with Mustard Salad
Marinated Mix Vegetables Salad
Rolls & Butter
Double Chocolate Dessert
$ 14.00

Add to Any of above Menus
Soup of the day $ 2.00 per person
Salad of the day $ 2.00 per person

Menu : Salad of the day

S1-Summer Mix Green Salad with Variety of Dressings
S2-Tricolor Pasta with Rainbow of Peppers
S3-Macaroni Salad with Italian Seasoning
S4-Red /New Potato Salad with Fresh Herbs & Mustard Dressing
S5-Greek Salad with Feta Cheese
S6-Mix Five Beans Salad
S7-Marinated Mix Seasonal Vegetables Salad
S8-Waxed & Yellow Beans Salas with Sesame Seeds
S9-Coleslaw Salad ( Creamy or Vinaigrette)
S10-Traditional Caesar Salad
S11-Lemon-Lime Couscous Salad
S12-Spinach Salad
S13-Cucumber with Fresh Dill & Sour Cream
-Plus Many More�

Menu : Soup of the day

S20-Cream of Wild Mushrooms
S21-Tomato Bisque
S22-Old Fashion Beef And Barley
S23-Lentls and Tomato with garlic
S24-Minestrone Soup
S25-Cream of Butternut Squash
S26-Cream of Leek and Potato
S27-Cream Of Carrot with Ginger & Pine Nuts
S28-Cream of Cauliflower
S29-Traditional Canadian Pea with Smoked Ham
-Plus Many More�


(C) 2007 Shaz Unique Catering
web development: On Target Design, (613) 614-0361, (819) 663-9430

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